As I  stood in the breezeway

Looking at the two doors

Bewildered by my circumstances

Two distinct voices

Coming from beyond

these two doors

One says “it hurts”

The other says ” I’m sorry”

Neither has a connection

To either pain

But nevertheless it’s real

Being locked up because

Your a harm to yourself

Or others is as real as it gets

Back than waking up

to shackles on my feet

was quite common

So having my

rights revoked

And signing a paper

Saying so

Was again quite

Common for a “302”

When your in

A corner and the

drugs become

your escape

There is much

Left to do

Or a way out

I shouldn’t be

Here to tell this……

As many times as I……..

So I’m sharing……..

To say there is hope

As long as you

Believe in yourself

As well as a strong

Believe in life


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