And Not The……..


Habits only die

When you breathe your last breath

And soldiers only kill when bullets become words

I can’t figure out why when

I feel happy

I still want to die inside

Every time I finish doing

Something that makes

Me feel proud

I immediately want

Something bad

Old habit die hard

And old soldiers just die

Self doubt wants to rule my world

In my quest to find peace

I still want that piece to……..

Or for me to lose that meaning

So those will fade

To be a man in airs

And not the old



9 thoughts on “And Not The……..

  1. I’m often convinced hell is what we put ourselves through, the darkness so that we can learn to love and appreciate light….every now and then slipping backwards….but we keep dredging ourselves out, moving forward and believing in the better way that’s right for us😊

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    1. I’ve always thought I’m quite a private person but went on twitter to try and shove myself out there a bit more. It’s fine. I’ve had a troll or whatever they call it once and had to block, that’s not nice, but other than that it’s a great way of being online and seeing others’ work, as you get all these followers, some you don’t have interest in and some you do – mostly I find you do – which is great!

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  2. It’s all Greek to me
    I started two years ago on WordPress
    I’ve been happy with it
    All that other stuff seems way to much for me
    It has taken me places I thought I could never go
    Well I’ll be seeing you

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