You can’t see the


on the inside

All you see are

these cryin eyes

It would be a lot easier to say…….

But that would mean you’re listenin

I can hear by the way you talk

That you feel you’re above being human

It would be different if you didn’t have to make time for me

But again that would mean….

You can’t see the pain on the inside

And all I see are dollar signs in your eyes

You insist you have a first name

But all I see are question marks and Dr instead of a name


13 thoughts on “Appointment

  1. Sheldon, you weird me out! But I enjoy it. I usually have to stop whenever I read your posts and just think for awhile. I usually don’t come up with an answer because I usually don’t find a question. However, the poetry is thought provoking, a different thought each time I think; the images are surreal. ~~dru~~

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