Library Vaccine


Ladies and gentlemen

It’s that time of nite when the drinks are flowin

And dead men tell tails

It’s been 2 yrs today I first started wordpress

And I am nowhere where I first started

Expectations weren’t cause I wasn’t sure

But today it’s a whole other story

And where I am today is not how I first started

My art sucks and my writing stinks

But who’s fooling who

1,387 posts




And and and 4 mos. no smokes

it’s all shit and giggles

It’s not about the journey

It’s where you end up

I am very happy to say

Thank you to you all

Cause without you I wouldn’t be here

Let’s all be here to do it again

From The Professional Cannon

To The Sheldon Perspective

Again I say thank you


13 thoughts on “Library Vaccine

  1. Woo hoo I love you AND your art AND your poetry and don’t you be sayin what stinks and what don’t because, you know, I KNOW. Et cetera. Here’s to the future, since the past done gone and there ain’t a thing we can do about it anyway, except keep on keepin on and you will smell so much better because of no smokes, laddie. Hugs and kisses from one good friend, looking forward to more!

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  2. Your words and art add so much contemplation and color to my week, dear Sheldon. I am grateful to share in your strength and positive energy. May your list of successes continue to prosper. ❤ and 🌞

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