Who is the angry man

He is in all of us

Sitting on the porch

Rocking his anger mind

All the while pointing

His  finger at

Faces asking why

The mirror is there


Can you see him

Even after you step away

The course of time was


even with well intentions

For when the hands of time move

Only time is certain

Not the one who

Sits and watches

Sitting in age

While eating

Nail soup

It is not a meal


of life waiting for old age

You see there are loop holes

Side streets of interest

As long as you stay

To the side of wonder

Than anger won’t point

The finger of why


11 thoughts on “PACIFICATION

  1. The immediate thought that I had when reading was, the whole Blame Game, usually the person should look in the Mirror ,who they see in the reflection is who they’re angry with.. I am certainly not clean from anger..Though a day to day process, helps me not repeat a lot of my mistakes..Those are the quick thoughts.. take care, ted.

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  2. Nail soup is rusty and painful to swallow, and then it sits in your stomach poisoning your insides. Yes, an anger that you allow to take over will make you toxic. Incredible poetry, Sheldon! I love how you capture emotions so well — one can taste and feel your words. ❤

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  3. It’s a sheldonism
    Like so much what I do
    To keep me amused
    Not many pick up
    On my craziness
    That what I like about you
    That inquisitive mind of yours
    It’s hard to find a good game
    Of mind chess these days


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