This is lillian

She is my fur bean

Unfortunately we have to leAve early

Because she is having a hard time

At the boarding place

I will catch up to you guys later

As always sheldon


15 thoughts on “Lillian

      1. Rite now I want to dance
        I want to sing
        I want to be a STAR
        The whole world is a stage
        And all I want to do is perform
        My heart is still for this moment
        But alas not for you
        But who I listen for
        For she is calling
        And I
        And I
        Am the listen ear
        The provoker

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  1. I went an rescued her last nite
    Cut my trip by a day
    The crazy people didn’t check the obvious until I was there
    but now she’s home and resting quite comfortable
    With the rest of her people
    How goes it Andrew
    Hope all is well


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