Crossed Lips


Secrets are for you

To have

To hold

Should not be

Taken from you

Or asked to be told

Trust is guarded


No one’s lips

Can hold your words

For secrets

Have a life



For secrets

Should never

Be left alone

My friend and fellow blogger Rose inspired this poem

She has many sides to her work

And does them all better than well

I would say excellent

And her art is rite up their with

The best of them

Her blog is

Please do me and check her out


11 thoughts on “Crossed Lips

  1. I’m dancing, Sheldon! Thank you, darling!! I love it, and you’re right about secrets — they should never be left alone. That’s why Galene guards mine so well. You’ll be my merman today. A million thanks, love!! xoxo

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  2. My thought on the imagery, was one of the women for the band TLC, underneath a graffiti bridge. Read the poem, and my head kept saying that tired adage, “You are only as sick as your secrets.” So happy that Poet Rummager inspired you to have a healthy and better view of the idea of secrets, and things hidden. True, only a person can speak their secrets adequately..

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