I know you’re out there

I’m not alone


Is the key

W/o a lock for

Just take a minute

Take a long look

In my eyes

See the pitch fork

That once you saw

Insanity is not the new norm

just because it can’t be heard

But I hear everyone

of you as you hear me

It’s not the new norm

We’ve been down this road before

Understanding is key

W/o a lock for

No one knows what it feels like

Till you’ve lived this life

Pills in your hand

Side effects

Commercials sayin

Call the Dr

I’m not alone

I know you’re out there

If they don’t listen

Once they release the drugs from the jails

They’ll only be replaced by

What they call the norm


10 thoughts on “Norman

  1. Here is some quick thoughts. When I saw the title, I guessed that it could be about Norman Rockwell. Then saw the image, which blew me away because that cat looks like my old singer in a band 10 years ago. The picture helps make the prose more concrete.. This is the man, and you see him, and now know what he is going through. The norm being insane. Insanity is a sane reaction to an insane world.

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  2. Side effects abound, no matter what the stupid doctors say….and “Call The Doctor”? Hell, they’ll just say…
    Those effects do not matter to your medical health” or “here take a different pill” or “there is nothing I can do” or worse “there is nothing wrong with you”. BUT YOU KNOW and you know you can prove it but you don’t want to. You may actually want to be part of the new norm….then again maybe NOT. Empathy, Sympathy, and yes Antipathy…might be left behind. ~~dru~~

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