Father,Tears ,& I


I often felt these words

But couldn’t express

Them until now

I was in his place of business

Trying to understand where

I was suppose to fit in

it wasn’t exactly the

place I wanted to be

But it became clear

As time I was

suppose to be there

One day when I stood

Still, I heard a voice……..

I went to where I heard

This voice & found

my Father crying

In a flash I saw him in me

From that point on I

Found life inside his tears

This man my father had lost

All his strength and will

William was slipping through

His fingers, I was the child he never was

Sheldon Kleeman @ March 8/2015



14 thoughts on “Father,Tears ,& I

  1. How stunningly moving, how beautifully written ,…I felt the tears about the father who left me early in my childhood…A father, every girl looks for a daddy replacement, I often think. I did. Seek and thou shall find did not apply to me!! All these thoughts cause of your post!

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