Sir, Please……….


There’s this huge division     between what is & what should be    it has taken the word life to a whole new definition      which has us wondering why     unfortunately answer lies where the pocket meets the hand      someone is always getting something that the us of don’t have    for these and much more are untold mysteries and secrets to Quiet Storm

It always starts with a smile     the tick is not to smile back    some of us can sense danger while others find it’s appeal     trust your gut  stay away from the………     & you who doesn’t get involved is better still      “Love with a Twist or shall I say Dry ,a Beer with a Chasers or if you like Straight Up”

It’s a very large pot we cook in    & those who know how to cook are the only ones who will eat



12 thoughts on “Sir, Please……….

    1. ps: I almost always wear black, with only some LARGE color trim….you stand out more when you look like a mohair (actual cat hair) black couch pillow. When not in black; I am in orange/turquoise/red/purple and once in awhile brown or white…..BUT NEVER EVER PASTELS, life should be vibrant but basic. ~~dru~~


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