In the eye of one there is a tear

For a mother went where most do fear

She’s gone for good w/o a question

Or a chance to say all that I wanted

She wasn’t what I thought I wanted

Or even what I needed

I was her born and that’s what a child is needed

On this day time had stop

& she had started

As often as her neuroses would let her

She laid in bed in hospital row

I shouted at her

not now, how could you

bring that up now

I told her for all

The good she had done


That was her understanding

She shouted back

As she put her hand…….

Her heart took her words

The Dr rushed in

& the nurses too

In the tears of my eyes

All I wanted was the real of my 


April 2/2015© Sheldon Kleeman



13 thoughts on “Raymond

  1. My Mother waited nearly Thirty Years to tell me she did not want me or loved me. and she waited half an hour after my Father died to tell me. Yet we can never let go of our Mothers can we, the damage they did or do lives with us all the time, mentally and physically. So honest, thank you.

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  2. In defence of mothers: most do their best..the best they can do may not be good enough…When you look back at their early, often disjointed childhoods you may perhaps be able understand why, she could not be what you might have wished her to be.This whole thing is a bit of a tragedie. It haunts me that I feel I was a lousy mother to my son..

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  3. My mummy is always so wrapped up with other things. I sometimes feel like an outcast. I find that mummies are not the perfect women people expect but are in pain, too, and feel that they have to be stoic all the time. I certainly felt your suffering, Sheldon.

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  4. It took me a long time to forgive my mother, and she never forgave her own. It’s an intense relationship, and we all say and do things we regret. Your words express this so well.
    I hope my own children will realize I did the best I could. (K)

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