Broken Arrow


These tears that I cry

Are for you


To let you

Know that

You’re not alone

Oh Sheldon I never

Meant to hurt you

I knew you were

A child of wanting

But not necessarily


I was on your


Your alter ego

They couldn’t see

You went slower

They would of known

How much you

Really needed

But they couldn’t


Because they

Didn’t take the

Time to listen

Instead of 2

To shine

They only had one

So instead of both

The one who needed

Became their wanting

And that was their

Fix to a bird with

A broken wing

Oh Sheldon

These years

Are for you

Life’s meaning

Was never meant

To hurt you

But with hollow

Grounds to walk

There was no

Other choice

But to fall

Now the years……

It will be 63


I have no more wants

I have made my

Life work

Daughter,and wife

A heart full

My only need

Is for my



My brother

To know

That I don’t


A broken wing

Just a want for

A listen ear


17 thoughts on “Broken Arrow

  1. We are children of wanting, and there’s an ache here that I sensed as I read your poetry. I hope your brother listens to you and offers his attention. Regardless, dark thoughts are meant for another time. IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Have a glorious time filled with love and laughter. ❤

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