Mine shaft


Someone was calling,  maybe Mr Tourette’s

Still I listen,in sleep I fell

I couldn’t find that place of comfort

For the voices were too loud

A toss,one turn,one eye opens,then I woke

For every time I fell the voices got louder

No name, No face, voices asking questions

Yet I had no answers, for there weren’t

Just words upon words

All for the sake of their recognition

Yet I concluded in the final

For the earth who sustains

For the heart that cries

For the child who listens

Deep inside the poets mind


6 thoughts on “Mine shaft

  1. Your words always thrill me, my darling Shel. Today’s busy here, but I wanted to stop by quickly and wish you the very best birthday! Harbor that child in your poetic soul — he’ll keep you young and carefree. I’ll visit again late tonight. All the very best. Yours, Rose ❤️💋🎂

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