Oh Why………


What are you crying about

no answer

You don’t even know what real crying is

the child is pushing the food his plate

I’ll give you something you can really cry about

suddenly the child is eating

The knife scraps the plate

As the water gets poured into each glass 

the child wipes his nose with his napkin


11 thoughts on “Oh Why………

  1. I remember the “Tone” too but your poem Sheldon made me scared!

    This didn’t seem to be the old regular You eat that split pea soup of go to bed without supper”; the poem…..to me…..suggested Way WAy WAY……..WAY more than that. ~~dru~~

    ps, I never ate the soup. I went straight to my room and read a book until the TV was turned off, then I just got up and made me a sandwich or if the shoe was on one of the others, I just got up and made them a sandwich. My father confideded to me much much later in life; “Oh your mother and I never felt bad about sending anyone to bed without supper cuz we know you’d feed ’em”

    It was just that you all went to bed earilier than usual and she and I got some alone time. We’d laugh when we’d hear you get up and then go to sleep because then we knew we didn’t have to get up and feed them ourselves.”

    Nice parents, lazy ole buggers, they just should not have made split pea soup, liver, or brussels sprouts and all would have been well.
    They probably made those awful dinners when they felt horny.

    Buggers but we paid them back in spades. There were four of us in a five year spread and I was the oldest….sometimes I felt I was the parent myself and for the most part we could dish out more than our parents could handle. Probably why I never had children. ~~dru~~

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