I’ve worked in kitchens all my life

I’ve been in the service industry

I’m 63 years old I’ve seen a lot

Of food in my time,there isn’t any part

Of the food service industry I haven’t done

Now if you want to stack the deck even

More 45 years plus

I know pizza is suppose to be hot

But I never thought it came from HELL

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist

To cut a pizza into six slices,at least as

Far as I’m concerned,but these people

Thought it was brain surgery, I mean

Pizza,water,ice cream,not the cross national

Debt,but who am I but a mole, who was asked

did I know how to wash a tray,wrap my bow

And slid me under the door,I love this doorway

I’m just not sure if I’m ready to enter

If you get my cheese,I was the only man in the sea

Today,I’m sorry but the man said if you can’t

Stand the heat get out…………

We will see how all of this works

Cause I’m not smellin what everyone

Else is steppin in

The Sheldon Perspective


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