Jumping Jacks


Everything was blurred

My mind wanted out

Was it darkness…..

Again my eyes could adjusted

I was racing or my mind

just couldn’t keep up

The skeletons in the

Closet were doing

Jumping jacks

I hadn’t slept

Or eaten

In a manner

Of speaking

It had been long


in the snow

Every part

Of my body

Was either

Crying out

Or just in


You always hear the stories

Of desperation,but until

your in that position

You don’t know how it feels

This was the legend of the fall

And by all accounts

I was quickly spiraling

Out of control

Looking for a way out

Every part of my body


And I had had enough

Blue pills to soften

The fall

What I didn’t

Know was

Was that my

Spirit was

Stronger that



I hadn’t any intention of writing this

But something got triggered

And this came out

it was my first attempt at suicide

The first of many……….



15 thoughts on “Jumping Jacks

  1. Skeletons doing jumping jacks, powerful image. From the darkness, comes for a spirit that is more powerful than the flesh. That is an achievement. Remember the “What Will Be Will Be” journal page on my blog? Here’s the story: The page represents a young girl, emerging … she comes forth into the world, with hopes and dreams. Behind her was darkness, she lights the way. There is an espalier tree on the brick wall – while it’s branches are nailed to the wall with wire to grow a certain way in a small space, like the girl has lived her life thus far, it forms a beautiful sight and still is nurtured and brings joy.

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  2. The first of many started at nine years old. You read my page, it’s must make perfect sense. When the Black Dog takes me to hell, it could happen again. It’s a constant thought when that depressed, not really wanting to die just end the pain and voices in my head. The delusions feel so real, I beg God to get me help. I usually stay in Psychiatric Hospital when there’s no way up. I don’t want another time, you don’t either. It’s something inside of us we can’t control.
    Thanks for sharing, I always listen.


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