Mirror Man


Wouldn’t it be great to have your questions answered   Wouldn’t it be great to solve the problem   Life in all its wisdom didn’t prepare us for that huge learning curve that could take you your entire life

The quest for knowledge The road of uncertainty The grasping of straws To seek out and define your world with sometimes no results

But big question marks that haunt in the night as you are trying to fall asleep That forever scapegoat that becomes a nag How is to never have that answer which is possible for that question …………. this is why I believe it’s the untold mysteries and secrets of the quiet storm


19 thoughts on “Mirror Man

  1. small pinholes of light
    today’s groundless structures
    ask us to become comfortable
    in worlds of uncertainty
    will doubt and ambiguity
    open and nourish new minds
    or will fear and hate
    poison collective bodies ?
    as we unfold
    labyrinths in our own minds
    become fascinated
    in the mystery
    our challenges
    maybe there’ll never be
    simple answers
    our universe is complex
    diverse lines intersecting
    without cognitive patterns
    is okay
    even in darkness
    we can admire the beauty
    of highlights
    within shadow
    small pinholes of light

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