I dare for you to understand

Just who I am

The passion in my little finger

Compared to the rest of your hand

The cry of pain one minute

To laughter

I am a hopeless romantic

To a cynic

Pain is the under belly

In each of us

But to


the pain

You’ve got to live

Inside my head

Unfortunately for you

It’s a warehouse

with no more

To spare room

I dare for you to understand

The man I am

Cause understanding

Is like a cat

And I’ve used


Of my lives


10 thoughts on “Dare

  1. You can’t help but notice
    Because every time
    I speak
    They still don’t understand
    Even when I vent
    They want to tell
    what I meant
    Well I better
    Back out
    Before I swallow
    Both feet
    And one hand
    Thank you Jana


  2. Sheldon
    I read the words different than a poem, reading the words, the words tell me your feelings are deep, just not what for. I see you have a smoke there, haven’t rolled one in years. I read the comments others left, they must read/see something I don’t. I’m to literal when listening to feelings. I learned a month ago, not all words in a post are written literally, heard about to. Luckily I was offering help and we are on the same page now. What time zone on you on that your writing at this hour. I’m in America, born Texan! proud of it, we remember the Alamo. It’s 11:34 pm CST.
    I dare, take the hand

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    1. I wrote nine poems between Friday and yesterday
      Between my body and mind it’s hard for me not to feel
      Plus whatever happens to be going on around
      My writing habits are changing all the time
      I write when the spirit moves me
      Interruption of what I write
      Is your take away
      For me to explain where the words
      Come from is the magic of imagination
      I live my words
      As they speak
      The Sheldon Perspective


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