Wanting to go somewhere

A need

It’s a chase

That can’t be satisfied

Insatiable Appetite

Geographical Cure

It never works

Because as soon as you arrive

That somewhere starts all over again

I’ve been to these places

Those rest stops along the highways

Where you think you just need to stop

to collect your thoughts

only to drive

To be driven again

Your just chasing that


You once had

That you sold to life

Because you thought

You finally arrived

Only to find in later years

That somewhere


All over again



9 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Yes…I so deeply know this feeling; ….I always want to be where I am not, I now know I do not want be be where I meet myself all the time…, indeed it is a circle so very, very difficult to break out of…Acceptance is probably the keyword, but do not hold me to it, as I am just off somewhere.xx

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