Chances Are


There’s only one answer

To stand tall

To hold on when

Mother nature’s wind

Blows the strongest

Though you are told ” NO”

Your answer must be


Even when the odds

Are not in your


You have to prove

The opposition wrong

They will tell

The grass is greener

But only on their side

They’ll say to you

That you’re putting

Your pants on wrong

And their farts

Smell different

Than yours

That questioning


Will only prove

You wrong

But if you are still

Smellin what you

Are stepppin

chances are

It’s still “SHIT”

Just spent 3 days

In hell, I know I had

To be there, I did find out

Some stuff but not all

Chances are that I will

Live to complete this

Test call life

I know I’ve been behind in my


But you guys are going to have

To back off

It’s like ten lbs. Of shit

In a one lbs. Bag

The family Dr did listen to me today

And I did get some stuff that should help me

But I gonna have to reinvent my diet which sucks

Buts all is doable

Hugs and wiggles

To you all

The Sheldon Perspective






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