Chocolate Wear


When your


Have got the

Best of you

The game begins

The voice

Is already

Choosing sides

That pint of ice cream

In the freezer

Is now your opponent

You know who is gonna win

So when the next day comes

And that chocolate spot

Is on your shirt

Just chalked it up

You are yet another


For emotions

Are always a pint

Of chocolate

That is a game

You’ll never win


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Wear

  1. Sheldon, if I WORE Chocolate Wear, I’d be necked all the time.

    The ice cream spot on the shirt is more apropos to “HE Who Sill NOT Obey” who has to hide his ice cream dirty shirts so I don’t suck ’em. Ice cream hurts my big “Bucky Beaver Teeth” so I avoid it BUT a honkin’ big sem-sweet but more bitter dark-chocolate bar will victimize me in a jiffy. ~~dru~~

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