Only the facts


Officer Cannon was a professional ,had been for forty years . His is only concern were the facts . He was coming short with his answers,even after he had gone over the background  information still

no conclusion, the sergeant wasn’t going to be pleased to say the least


3 thoughts on “Only the facts

  1. Sheldon
    You haven’t answered me? Still going thru the one pound piles of shit? I had no idea where you lived Italy. I will get well, surviving is the only option and Italy, haven’t defined all the places yet but a good two months might give a taste of the country.
    Take care, let your gut rest. My email is almost fixed, the problem is I’m not a MAC Tech!
    I talk to many people who have a mental illness, since I don’t know you, I thought you had a bad day from depression. I played a awesome Stones video for you on Monday.
    Have a great day.

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