Mr Crumble


I went to a new Dr

I haven’t been feeling……

Since I got out of…..

He tells me I’m

No better off

Than I was when

I was in hospital

Just as I thought

This was in the

Back of my mind

Now I’m sitting

here with tears

In my eyes feeling

Worst than I did

Earlier this morning

Alone with my

Fears and tears

And a Mind that

Can just about

Put theses

Words to feelings

I know you all know

What it is to feel

But this is far to much

To feel for now

6 going 7 months

It’s a liver, a knob

Somewhere it shouldn’t

Be,and blood is coming

From where it shouldn’t

My sweetie is sick

And my daughter

Wants her rock

And all I can do

Is to crumble

When I should  be standing


29 thoughts on “Mr Crumble

  1. Doctors and hospitals…I can’t stand them, even when I aspired to be a doctor. I moved from biology and physiology to psychology – but then I realized it was an exercise in futility, because the colour of my skin would make all question my credentials…no matter how hard I worked and how much effort I put in.

    Now I only diagnose myself and my kin for no money at all. Health care should be just that: “CARE”
    Not the industry that it is…and is failing most.

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  2. Sheldon, I’m new to your words and images, so sometimes am not sure where you begin and end though your magic is clear. Reading the comments to this post I see another layer… a reality and much love. Be well new friend.

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  3. Thank you Chris
    I believe I found you on Jana blog
    And you seem like
    I should be reading your work
    Seems as though I was correct
    Thank you for your well wishes
    See you on the other side of creativity
    The Sheldon Perspective


  4. Sheldon
    I hear you, you’re doing right thing.. go with gut. I have Liver issues but cause no problems now. I know you’re smart, have to ask. are you seeing Gastroientologist? Mine continues to work magic ion this worn out body. I’ m here msandorm@, I have schoulder and can listen. It’s hard for you, you have to be #1 now in order to get well. Take it from a very sick chick. Thing and praying for you. Spend time on your knees talking to God, he hears you.

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