Blue Plate Special


Do really think

I enjoy talking

About my pain

I much rather

Talk about the

Under belly

Of someone


propose LIFE

Than to totally

Speak about


And since I’m

Doing this

On my blog

You fine people

Will just have

To use your


To feel

My God Dam

Pain, excuse me

For shouting

This has been

Going on for way

To long and

it’s frustrating&



By the modified


With but

Not only

inclusive to

Obsession and


I’m quite

Full now

So if you would

Mind I’ll

Have the rest to go

“Check please”


12 thoughts on “Blue Plate Special

  1. Ranting is a necessity at times – those who criticize rants are those who pretend that all is well…even when the world falls out from under their feet.

    Letting it out is better, and healthier, than holding it all in…

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