W& woman


There aren’t words to say what lies deep inside my heart

To whisper to you at night when it’s just me and you

For times there is just to much noise

To my distractions,too many inter action

That take us away instead of us just being

There aren’t words to say

What lies deep inside my soul

That you kindle my fires

When the flame is low

What ever your energy is

all I want to know

Are your green eyes

Your smile

Just to say

I love

I care


8 thoughts on “W& woman

  1. Sheldon
    You continue to amaze me, your words so soft, loving, barring your soul, the desire to be alone somewhere quite. You’re a passionate man, you said so yourself. When you express you love and passion, the touch is soft, gentle, and would wish the world away. I hope your love knows the feelings you share.
    I understand the noodle now, it woke me up middle of night…yes we both love “my guitar gently weeps”. I’ve started exchanging tweets with a radio guy in Japan last weekend. He is so into EC and other favs we could not stop talking music. Cool guy. You can see how I spend my weekends by looking at my Twitter timeline. It’s fun but I only talk with a handful of people. I don;t have any idea why all these musicians are following me, like I can help?
    Take are….go heavy on probiotics. Has help my gut issues 100%.

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  2. This is how I roll
    M it’s life 101
    They don’t teach this at school
    I learned this the hard way
    I promise to take care
    I know how everyone feels
    about me, trust me it helps
    As always Sheldon


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