You want a definitive answer

You can’t live with the uncertainty

That’s why you have to know

the weather the nite before

Keys are always in the same place

Wallet in the rite pocket along with your phone

You need to know plan A

And your backup plan

You look your partner in

Her eyes saying the words

You believe she wants to hear

You want that definitive answer

Accept life doesn’t work that way

life is never certain

Just because you think

You have what you think

You need it’s always the

One thing you’ve forgotten

Isn’t that for certain


4 thoughts on “Amplified

  1. Certainty Equivalence:

    An extremely well-studied formulation in stochastic control is that of linear quadratic Gaussian control. Here the model is linear, the objective function is the expected value of a quadratic form, and the disturbances are purely additive. A basic result for discrete-time centralized systems with only additive uncertainty is the certainty equivalence property: that the optimal control solution in this case is the same as would be obtained in the absence of the additive disturbances. This property is applicable to all centralized systems with linear equations of evolution, quadratic cost function, and noise entering the model only additively; the quadratic assumption allows for the optimal control laws, which follow the certainty-equivalence property, to be linear functions of the observations of the controllers.
    source: Wikipedia

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