No Bull


I am running with the bulls

Regardless what my physical is saying

Or reality is speaking

I am running with the bulls

Even though the voices are saying

Your legs are to weak

It’s enough to see it in

My minds eye to keep

Me young at heart

It’s enough to be out of breathe

As i am out ahead

I will keep running with the bulls

As long as i can

For these are life’s lessons

And I am still learning everyday


6 thoughts on “No Bull

  1. I agree with both above…perfect way to start the day…Yes my day is starting late..well I got up early as usual but you know things happen they call it life lol…Also loved what the other one said about “Yes…even if you can’t, in your mind can do anything you want to” ….I call that mind fucking your mind lol sometimes you just have tooooo…
    Again thank you for this amazing work my friend

    Liked by 1 person

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