Judge or Be…..


I was minding my own business

Waiting for the library to open

Just sitting and grooving on the day

From out of nowhere

It became a fight of wits

And I was foolish enough

To almost be sucker punch

This person came up to

Me while I was in the car

Wanting money for services

Not even rendered

I don’t take kindly

To being pushed

Into something that

I didn’t want any part of

From the beginning

But once you cross that

Invisible line

The person put there

Hands on me all bets

Were off, words were

Exchanged and the person

Move on, I thought I

Was in the clear

But no they still

Wanted a piece of me

God did it get scary

It’s one thing when I’m on my toes

It another when I’m counting them

People have started to cross the line

My advice is to be perpared


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