Ed never intended to quit

He was a die hard smoker

Even with his daughter watching

The cigarette had come first

Ed had even gone to the trouble

To be hypnotized to stop

But that didn’t work or

was that the beginning

Of the end. Ed kept right

On smoking till something

had clicked inside of him

It was one of those synchronicity

Moments when everything

Comes together at once

And there this monumental

Decision,well this is what

Happen to Ed. It’s now 7

Long months that he has quit


8 thoughts on “Smokescreen

  1. Ed did a great job. Most of my family are smokers. Some of them have managed to quit, but for most, it was a struggle and took a number of attempts. I have heard of some people just stopping one day, though. I guess as with Ed, it just felt like the time to do it.

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  2. Congrats on 7 months!! That is awesome..that is my brand right there in your pic..I am just not ready yet..I so wish I very proud of is the hardest thing I have ever tried to quit..hope you are doing a little better..and congrats again!! Much love, CC

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