Just In Time


I can see the forest from the trees

Does the stream give when it leaves

The lush of the forest,unmistakable pine smell

Even if you can’t…….

You will hear the forest call

An intrusion of your senses

Will it tame even the wildest of beasts

While Man still maintain his asphalt

I’m not a creature by any means

But I’ve lived in the shadow of its trees


4 thoughts on “Just In Time

  1. Sheldon
    I thrilled you can see thru the trees and smell the forest. One thing I can’t agree with you’ve lived in the show of trees. Maybe that’s great poetry, I’m the last to know proper poetry. You are out spoken in life, in pain, you’re honest with who you are and what your are not. That’s not leaving in the shadows of trees. You’re mind is feeling the pain, it may make you feel that way. I can’t brush your thoughts aside, there yours.
    Go play in piles of leaves, listen for the small critters moving around, the birds singing for joy. Your hear may fill with joy or at minimum happy.

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