There are never answers

Only solutions

which are forever changing

So there is never a final

For w/0 change

nothing ever evolves


If a door is closed

then it will only

remain that way

for fear of change


I have fear

yet I know your love


Only time has our solution


I know we can walk

through our fears

So we can see

all our solutions

And the changes it will bring


7 thoughts on “Answers

  1. heldon
    Sorry for butchering your name comment. I’m going on day two of no sleep and not even tired, not try…very tired, in to much pain to sleep.Even with a handful of drugs which usually take me to la land. The trip to DC last week injuring places already injured. I need someone to carry me around, or restrain my body so it can’t move. Then someone has to be on call for bathroom duty!
    There are so many worse, just have to focus on the facts. I’m also a strong bitch when needed.
    PS I can’r write poetry but can float ideas your way. What about a high adventure for you? Just a thought.

    Liked by 1 person

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