Who is the NOUN

The all seer

Who presides

That one who

Will write

All that needs

I dare to ask


For even those who predict

Are afraid to say what shall become

Who is the noun

Who shall say it will be done

Who will hear

Who will speak

And will we all…….

Be present

When the






12 thoughts on “The NOUN

  1. Now that’s certainly an interesting way of putting it! Who’s the NOUN? Some of us would dare say “the NOUN” has already been revealed; that, in fact, we call the “NOUN” the “WORD.” Good one. . . And as always, all the best to you!

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    1. there is so much that goes on when I am creating
      That how you are reading the piece
      Yes it could very well be
      A lot of times the creativity comes so fast I don’t have time
      to deeply think
      The NOUN was one of those times
      Thanks my friend

      Liked by 1 person

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