Golden Age


Twisted into knots

Did you ever try to

Untangle a fine

Jewelry chain

It’s next to impossible

I’ve been there

And somehow

This reminds me


How certain aspects


Are this way

Gone are age of innocence

How you kept a secret

And never told

How you share your

Peanut butter and jelly

And chocolate milk

Somehow tasted

Straight from the cow

Three o’clock

Could never come fast enough

And Saturday was the movies…..

Twisted into knots

Is that chain

That’s next to




Is no longer

That age



6 thoughts on “Golden Age

  1. And yet we sit there… and work the chain. Find sharp little tools to poke and probe it. Roll it between our fingers to loosen the knot. Sometimes we write… forgetting the shiny thing and embracing the inspiration.

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