Of Us


It doesn’t matter how you get there

What matters is that you arrive

These words are for me

As they could be

For any one else



The road and it’s paths

Have many obstacles

It will seem unfamiliar

Twists and turns

Lost and alone

Scared out your wits

In all its


And it’s light

But you see if you are


And you are responding

To the road

This journey

If you are hearing

The path speaking

Than you are on your way to finding out



9 thoughts on “Of Us

  1. Take the scenic route — it’s longer but worth it. Folks speed by these roads and forget to stop along the way for new experiences and to meet people. The journey is also the destination. Excellent words to ponder by!


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  2. One wonders if you knew all that would stand in your way, the joys are worth the pains…sounds a bit negative …but hey..that is what I think. Just as well we do not know..so we can live in hope for a long time, and delude ourselves that all will turn out fine for a long time too.xxxx In the meantime…….

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