POor GuY


It’s going on 8

I’ve turned a corner

But than too

I also still crave

I’ve had a lot of


Hit the proverbial


I’ve stood tall each

Time I’ve hit the wall

But again I am submitting

My body is taking yet

Another turn

I hate to have to

Admit it…….

I’ve been trying to

Burn the candle


But where’s smoke

There’s bound to be……

It’s not like me

Not to fight

I’m on the ropes

It late

I’ll float

I’ll string


God Dam

I want a smoke





9 thoughts on “POor GuY

  1. Hugggs to you my dear Sheldon…
    I can relate to this been running around going to my dr and a bunch of test and now even more test and taking dad to his … tired…I am still a smoker so I will have one for you so that you don’t smoke…

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  2. Ohhhh, xxx…I do understand, I think and yes…I always thought: one day, when I have time and money I will do ….and now I could..I somehow do’nt..one of the tragedies of the human condition…Smoking helps to sooth the soul and even that is not allowed…shit.

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  3. *HUGS* to you…I understand your struggle.

    My mother smoked for years, but finally quit. My son has more or less quit, but still uses a “vape” pen – so it definitely isn’t easy.

    I’ve only taken drags on cigs a very few times in my life…made my head spin and got sick to my stomach, so it isn’t a habit that I ever picked up myself. Drinking, on the other hand, is another animal entirely…I have between 3 – 4 ales a day. Sometimes, even a whole 6-pack, spread out over the afternoon to the early evening – but, little to no hard alcohol any more.

    Our vices are difficult, to say the least.

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