Unfortunately this body of mine is not cooperating

The blood pressure is high, my ekg was not good

and I have a stress test tomorrow

And I am lower than a worm

swimming in my own spit

I am going to try to go to sleep

And eat a little something

My tears have tears

As always Sheldon



19 thoughts on “Why……

  1. My dear Sheldon…
    I believe we are on the same path with test and Drs appointments for this is where I have been just about everyday or every other day …I am scared, worried you name it…I go in for my EKG on Monday and a stress test once this infection in my lungs clear up…I am so worn out …So I can’t imagine how you feel…Mine has more to do with gurly party (oh so fun) the most painful was today and they had to do it twice…
    Anyways I thought about writing about mine for awhile but didn’t know if I wanted to share until I know more or just not at all until I seen this post but idk…You may have gave me courage to write about it…
    I will make a deal with you my dear friend Sheldon…you hang in there and I will follow you in suit …lol…anyways I have that back of yours..every time I read that your tears has tears I tear up…you are not alone my dear friend…
    Giving you gentle hugggggs and all the support you need or want…
    Please keep me informed …I will give you my private email if you want??? or the email on here somewhere on my profile lol…I do not mind at all…REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT LOWER THAN A WORM MY DEAR!!!!!!
    hugggggg n love

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