Hurting So………


My body is weak

They put all kinds of

Stuff in me to see

What my heart

Could take

I didn’t walk on the

Treadmill like I thought

I wasn’t sure what side

Of the universe I was on

Thank you all for your kind

Words,support,and encouragement

I’ve about had it

Going to make some salmon

And some corn

and try to go to sleep

Early again,they really

Put a hurting on me

The Sheldon Perspective


15 thoughts on “Hurting So………

  1. I am so sorry that you are going thru all of this my friend… : (
    but the salmon sounds delish for sure…I hope that you enjoy it and get that tummy full and get some good rest …
    Huggggs n love
    Suzette ☻

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  2. Dear Sheldon,
    I’m thinking of you.
    Hope the pain and discomfort take a hike . . .
    Oh, was thinkin’ about the old days . . . and realized we met 50 years ago!
    Until sooner, My Friend.

    Eddie G

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  3. Salmon and Corn….surely you jest?

    Now Salmon with a very slight glaze of honey and pineapple just barely seared on a grill and maybe sweet corn meal with roasted red bell peppers and a smidgen of that TappaTio hot sauce as a side. Then some roasted zucchini with curry powder just sprinkled a little….just barley cooked yet not really raw. AND of course one big sleeping pill might do the trick but for now just remember….I put a spell on you to take the hurt off. BUT sleep now and play later. as always….me….


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  4. I’m unsure if you live where it’s allowed, but, I, too, have chronic pain, which I treat completely with only cannabis medical products. The medicals had no clue how to deal with it, and many other kinds of pain, without the use of drugs such as opioids, or as strong, and as addictive. And, I still had pain, anyway. I live in California, where it is legal to use medical cannabis products, so I began experimenting with the essential oils, specifically Rick Simpson Oil, known as Phoenix Tears, as the primary substance to treat my pain (the medicos took my opioids away, nine years after addicting me to them). I have found that a half gram of the essential oil at maximum strength (half the dose used to cure cancer, which it does. I know. It cured my brother’s stage 3 lymphoma.), taken once a day, will control the worst of the pain, as well as smoothing out the ‘background’ noise the pain creates in the nervous system…

    It works. Period. I wish you all the best with your own pain, and in finding the place within you that allows you to deal with it. If you have the means, you might consider using cannabis, or perhaps moving to where you may, because, it will also maximize all your other immune and healing systems, to fix whatever is wrong in you. My vision has improved, and my diverticulosis is in remission of symptoms, as well…

    Blessed be, my friend, and good luck…


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