Quess What


Just to make my life even more difficult

I am in the hospital, at some point I had had a  heart attack unbeknownst to me

I’m in a lot of pain, but I’m not suppose

To be,so that’s where I’m at rite now



22 thoughts on “Quess What

  1. Thinking of you and wishing you the best…damn, that sucks – a heart attack! I wish that there was a ‘hug’ button as well as a ‘like’ button…but at least I can send you virtual *HUGS* and good thoughts.

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  2. OMG!!!…Sheldon my dear friend…
    When I read the last post you wrote about the nurse giving you a shot I was going to ask if you were in the hospital…
    I am so worried about you : ( it seems that both of our health is taking all kinds of turns and this is no fun…we have to hang in there …you have to hang in there my dear…PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED… (((HUGGGGS))) N LOVE to you and your family…prayers as well…
    If you want to talk to me in private here is my one email account that I use most of all… frogs_peace_2@yahoo.com I am here for you my friend…

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  3. I hate saying what other people have said, but it’s important for you to get some small sense of your importance to the breadth of people who, sadly, haven’t even met you — so I’ll say it again: get better, soon, if you can.

    –oh, and hugs, brother.

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