Often Orgotten


There are times you don’t know what to say

There have been times you say to much

There are times that the

situation struck a nerve

And you don’t


What to say

But there’s one thing

You have forgotten

Just to say that

You are there

Is the biggest

Word you…….

And that word

Is warmth in a hug


3 thoughts on “Often Orgotten

  1. Sheldon
    How are you feeling these days? All healed up, back on the hours of life. Very subtle to lady of your love, Don’t let the love you crave, get away, I hope you checked out to waterfall photo today.
    Under the weather in my brain, in a pit of pain. It gets so fucking old. Chronic pain tears your soul out, I’ve lost myself. I don’t know why people follow me.
    Sorry to dump my tears on you.
    Big Hugs

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