And we are…….


The blame rests upon my shoulders

I accept it wholeheartedly

What I can’t accept are these

people who call themselves


But haven’t any sympathy,empathy

Or compassion

For what they say or do

I’m lost rite now

My body is in parts

Laying out on the floor

Hoping that someone

Soon will come and put me back together

Case in point

I saw the cardiologist

He did tests

Told my ekg was abnormal

But I’m still waiting for him to call

They tried to call him from

The hospital no answer

What in the hell is going on

It’s not like this was the first time

This has happened before

I just pray to the gods for an answer


7 thoughts on “And we are…….

  1. I’m so very sorry you’re having to go through this… Unfortunately (or not) I can really and truly say I understand. IOW, been there, done that and you’re right: It’s very, very frustrating and disheartening when you are surrounded by or dealing with medical professionals who really don’t (seem) to give a damn! You have been, are, and will be in my prayers!

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