Who’s gOt


There’s always one more step

Even when you are rushing

And you haven’t time

You’ve got to slow down

And take your time

Because that trip is

Not just a fall it’s

Called LIFE

How often has it happen

When time isn’t your friend

That shoe lace is calling

and it knows your name

Or you were suppose

To get into the car

But instead

bump your head

Remember time

Waits for no one

And no one wants

To take their time


9 thoughts on “Who’s gOt

  1. This is the issue in it’s essence. Modern convenience supposedly grants us more leisure time, time in which to recuperate, expound and explore. The opposite is the reality. It gives only more time to hurry.
    And for what? We should not wait on time, but make the times wait for us.

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    1. Slowly and steadily – I pace myself daily so that I don’t overdo it, take plenty of breaks, and feed the body and the mind healthy things.
      Also, I’m forcing myself to NOT correct everything that I write, since I’m too much of a perfectionist…I have to learn how to relax and just let the words flow without thought.
      It’s difficult.

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  2. So true and something that took me twenty years to learn…to enjoy the doing as much as the end result. Out cycling I find drivers are very annoyed by my slow pace, they would like to push me into the ditch , if it was possible, as they have not got a minute to spare to wait for me to get to a place where they can pass…hmmmm, I was one of those people once!

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