Brain Trust


I’ve been  an outsider all my life

I have had to walk alone because as a rule people don’t get it and when it appears as they do its only for selfish reasons when you are genuine your truth will shine w/0 ever speaking a word those are the people I want to…to talk to

the ones who will answer before I ever ask the question


7 thoughts on “Brain Trust

  1. I do feel complaining is much underrated…It makes me feel grateful that there are people who will listen to my tales of woe, my complaints, my ills and pains. People for whom I do not have to put on a brave face but just be myself! warts, complaints and all.xx

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  2. It’s the silence that is shared between two people that speaks volume. The shared look. The conversation of their fingers; intertwined and caressing. The smile. The tears.

    Ah, you’re doing it again! I read your writing, and a world opens up in my brain. ❤️

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