Who’s Behind Me

Was it just a reflection

Or was it the man

I was suppose to be

Never quite sure

Because of the information

Was a contradiction in terms

I became the label

They called me

I became the patient

My mother wanted

I was a boy

With a learning disability

Soon to become a

Traget of interest

Followed by many

More interesting symptoms

But you see this all

Made for a faulty foundation

But in the end I was the

Who became responsible

For all the infractions

You can be the label they give

Or you can be


For the cure


8 thoughts on “Who’s Behind Me

  1. Well if I get to actually chose; I’ll take responsible for the cure…..but that ain’t gonna happen. The reflection behind you is just a pale representation of the Calcutta person standing there.

    Stay thirsty my friend. ~~dru~~

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    1. Holy cow….the word actual became Calcutta….go figure. However this is one of the ways spell check and grammar correction can make for almost poetic accomplishment.

      I remember once I submitted a little dittie of mine to an english prof and he thought “Ivy sitting against the wall” was a sublime line with no apparent meaning…and i was just referring to the one legged Vet, that tipped his chair back against the wall and would not let us pass through his gate until we answered what ever question he had for that day. Usually including a lot of laughter.

      It would be long dayz out there in the sun on race weekends and often I’d bring him a Coke or a sandwich on one of those days and i missed him when he was gone……

      IVY leaning against the wall can be weird and evocative but I’m kinda more into reality. Or at least my own version thereof.

      As always every changing your friend….. ~~dru~~

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  2. Look this was suppose to be a writing exercise
    To see if I could do a hundred in fifteen minutes
    The subject I use was of course me
    I’ve been hanging by my finger nails
    But I ain’t in no trouble
    And I’m not going anywhere just yet

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