??? Why


No one can ever be sure


wanting answers

Accept in most cases

There aren’t any

Still wanting clarity,

Resolution, to

Balance the scales

While you are

standing at

The doors of







All the exposure

And experience

Doesn’t perpare

Sometimes there’s

A shadow of  light

BUT in this case

Time takes


These tears

That are


Just aren’t


To ease the


Of taught

I’m buried it will take some time

To process this craziness

I know I’m not alone

We are all going to have to be

Patient with each until this storm. …..

The Sheldon Perspective


6 thoughts on “??? Why

  1. The unfortunate answer to the question WHY? Is why not? I hate people that answer a question with a question but it is effective in stopping discussion. So why not?

    Either we process and move on or we don’t. I’m in the don’t mode right now but with covers over my head for a day….or two?…move on still seems like a viable mode of transportation. Hell my feet, well one of them, still work…walking, even crawling beats laying down to die. I’m gonna die standing up.

    The ‘people’ (and i use that term loosely) have spoken. We’ll see.

    ~~the dru once known as a goddess~~

    (I’m soo soo soooooooo so tired)

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  2. Hate and fear won. It’s that simple.
    I wish that I could say that I’m surprised…but I’m really not.
    One just has to look at blogs, forums, and other comment sections on the interwebs and it’s obvious.
    Those who never tried to be part of the solution will always be part of the problem.
    I’m glad that I tried to do my little part, for what it was worth.

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