Ash’s House


My friend and fellow blogger Ash had nominated me for the Liebster

Award quite some time ago,but me being so Sheldon it took some

time for me to respond. Her blog is Artful Aspirations and she can be found,she pushes a mean brush and paints a world for her to live. Ash inspired this poem I wrote and I hope you all will enjoy.

“Sticks and Stones”

Try to build a house w/0 bricks

Try to live your life with these walls

Listen to your heart w/0 those words of bricks

Try to live your life w/0 the voices

saying where the bricks should go

which is your house

which is your life

Words can move you out

Those words can bring you back

But what about the words that aren’t the mortar

The ones that aren’t the nail to keep in place

Just be careful when building your house

Listen to your wisdom

So that those bricks can stand the years

That can weather your storm


This is it for me and awards

it’s time for others to take………

It’s been a while since I’ve said anything

About my health and I’m just trying

to be all that you know

For its always Sheldon

Which is always my Perspective

Sheldon Kleemanยฉ2016



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