Men in Black


I saw this man

As I was making

A right turn out

of the parking lot

He was dressed

In all black

He was picking

Up trash,was he

Homeless,my guess…..

For reasons I can’t say

I see this a lot, people

trying to make sense

People trying to restore


It strikes me as sane

in an insane situation

Given life how it forgets

Those who have fallen

From grace,I see there

eyes as I have seen mine

Life has taken a turn

I pray there is

Is a place in


For Those Who

Must Keep




7 thoughts on “Men in Black

  1. I must agree…i think this is what we all need…a way to pick up the broken pieces and put them back together again…

    Whether we do it perfectly again or not maybe doesnt matter anymore…what matters most is we try …as what you say keep the order..

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