Tears fall


I agonized over her

Till it was denial

I couldn’t bare

it any more

I had to let go

For her


To live on

To this day

I still speak…..

And hear her


In the books

She told

Me to read

She stood still

While others

Would of


Her character

Was so much

Of a presence

That many would

Try to take her out

You didn’t have to talk

To her to know what

She was thinking

It’s sad to think

That in the end

her family

Couldn’t see

Passed their


They couldn’t

See what she was

And will always be


They Picked her


till they were dry

But you see

LIFE does not

Make any


And her family

Were the


Of her




5 thoughts on “Tears fall

  1. oh, my what a poem, what insight into human nature, how intensely sad and no wonder people can be so utterly lonely when it is apparent nobody understands or cares to understand…all they want is stuff for themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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