Being Proactive


I’m reminded of life so many times

Counting on my fingers from one to ten

The smile I got when I held the door

For someone I didn’t know

Life can be causal just as it can be cruel

As last nite when I got out of the car and I swear

This guy tried to either clip me or turn me back to dust

I’m reminded of life so many times

By the people who I’ve met

Who taught me how to shape

The clay that sat before

And spoke gently how to

Turn that mass into a work

But you see for all of life

There is a sadness

Those memories of

Those who have taught

But are no longer here

That’s just it I’m richer

For that sadness

I’m stronger because…….

I’m reminded of life

How it taught me to breathe

From The Sheldon Perspective,and my peeps

To all I wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Oh and one last……

Thank you all for your encouragement and support

Through all my rough spots

I am very grateful for you all

Prayers and Blessings

And above all Peace


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