Extra Sauce


I know it sucks


I’ve sucked it

That’s rite

You heard me

I know the pain

And it’s pleasure

How you sit

There in your

Chair and you



In all the


You can take

How you wished

It wasn’t that way

How you are tried

Of talking,thinking

And acting

How it has become

A nervous tick

And people will

Stop and ask

You if you’re ok

I know it sucks

Cause I’ve been

There and back

To the nails on

The blackboard

That sound it


How your blood


But let me stop


Pain is

Over rated

And say for

All the pain

I’m forgetting

One important


There still

A life w/in

A light to


That brings you


That put your

Feet to the


Every morning

To say I made it now

This is the sauce

This is my gravy



9 thoughts on “Extra Sauce

  1. Hold onto that light, even if it’s faint.
    It will take you to your center –
    that core where you can let go of the pain.
    Watch the torment shrink.
    Don’t let go of the fight.
    Feel your strength.
    It’s in that dim light.

    Your poem of endurance touched me greatly, Shel. Always wishing you hope and comfort in the words we love so much. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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