In the bowels of your abyss

Lies the one that Groverns all


It will take you for all you have

Leaving you with nothing

But what’s on your back

Emptying your mind

till your in the

Corner shaking

No one did this

You did this to


You are the


& Chief

Not even a bent

Arm behind your

Back will

Make you cry…….

It’s much easier

To stick with


Than to


& Change


.I’m going out today

Be back late tonite

It’s going to be a full day

I’m keeping my fingers crossed

I would appreciate for you to do the same


12 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. Hey my dear Sheldon…
    Love this…
    I am not going out today…you can’t make me lol…It has been full on rain and cold…misery type of day here and the pain level is thru the fucking roof…so nope I am staying put…lol..
    But you my friend have a good time out and about and just enjoy …

    Liked by 1 person

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